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It is worth having a read of the New Drivers Act.

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Pass Plus

You can claim ₤ 75 towards Pass Plus if you register with Hampshire County Council.

Terms and Conditions apply check if you qualify here.

The Pass Plus Course

Pass Plus is a Scheme to help newly qualified drivers become even safer on the road. It is an additionl after test course which lasts for a minimum of 6 hours. It covers 6 different modules which are:

You will also be pleased to know that there is no test to complete the course.

Module 1 - Town Driving

You will concentrate on:

You will be given advice about features of driving such as:

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Module 2 - All-weather Driving

This module continues on from your first session on town driving. The aim of the module is to cover all aspects of driving in different weather conditions, including speed and stopping distances in:

You will need to:

You will also look at skidding:

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Module 3 - Out of town Driving & Rural Roads

This session will cover:

  • consideration for pedestrians on roads with no pavement
  • horse roads
  • sharp bends
  • use of the horn
  • farm entrances and buildings
  • slow-moving vehicles
  • livestock and wild animals
  • mud and other debris on the road
  • use of passing places
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Module 4 - Night Driving

This session covers all aspects of driving in the dark, including:

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Module 5 - Dual Carriageways

Dual carriageways are high-speed, multi-lane roads where the two carriageways are separated by a central reservation. They demand particular skills, including:

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Module 6 - Motorways

As a new driver, you may never have driven on a motorway. They are unlike any other road, not just because of the number of lanes, the high traffic volumes and vehicle speeds, but also because there are rules and signs that only relate to motorways. PASS PLUS will give you invaluable training and experience in driving on motorways.

If there's no motorway nearby, this session will have to be covered in theory (while you can gain some helpful experienceon dual carriageways, this won't cover aspects specific to motorways). In this case, you should plan to drive on a motorway as soon as possible after the course, so you can put the knowledge into practice. As with any theory session, it would need to be completed to an achieved standard.

Topics covered will include:

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Please see the Pass Plus Website or ask the instructor for a list of companys that currently support pass plus.